About Us

Living World is a design office. We plan and design museum exhibits and exhibitions, media for public spaces, graphics for publications, websites, educational workshops, architectural spaces, and more.

We also set great value on our non-commissioned work: producing original products and projects. The underlying concept behind this work is creating “senseware“.

Yoshiaki Nishimura
Born 1964 in Tokyo. Planning director. Representative director of Living World. He is involved in three main types of work: creating, teaching and writing. Creative endeavors include Sensorium, Sound Bum, etc.

Tariho Nishimura
Born in Tokyo. Designer, art director. She worked in editorial and website design as a member of the design team for the design magazine “AXIS“. Currently oversees all art direction, tea, wildflowers, soil and worms at Living World.

Photo: Orie Iimuro, 2014

Earth Clock: Design Concour for Kids 2007 Good Design Award
Earth Clock 2006, 40th SDA Award, Excellence Prize
liv-lit 2006, 24th IEIJ Light and Lighting Design Award (KEPCO Building)

Living World Inc.
Tokyo: 4-8-22 Eifuku Suginami-ku Tokyo, 168-0064 Japan
FAX: +81-3-6369-4720

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